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Our fiction books series, Restoring Dragons and Epoch of Dragons, intertwine, imagining a world where dragons existed and were hunted down for their power.

Epoch of Dragons takes place first, in the 1300’s, following a group of dragons as they flee from the hunters and set up a dragon safe-zone. Restoring Dragons follows the tale of a young girl and an old dragon in the modern-day, trying to bring the dragons who died in Epoch of Dragons, back to life. Restoring Dragons is a hopeful and bright tale for children, while Epoch of Dragons is a more foreboding tale for middle-grade to young adult readers. Both of these series’ books can be purchased through Amazon, following the links in our shop.

The Epoch of Dragons: Convergence by Lydia Weltmann
Ages 10-18

5129WkRcThL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_   Dragons have a special stone, called a dracontias, that gives them power. These powers vary from spitting fire, to shooting lightning, to shapeshifting. The dracontias’s power has been unique to dragons, until now.  Humans have discovered how to harness the dracontias and are taking the power for themselves. It’s an all out war between humans and dragons.

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Restoring Dragons: Africa by Anna Denisch
Ages 5-10

51fReWq0Z4L   Hundreds of years ago, dragons were happy and plentiful. Then a group of hunters, who desired the power of dragons, stole their Dracontias, the stones that power a dragon’s long life and powers.

Now, in the modern day, the Restoring Dragons book series follows the path of young Choolew (known as Choo), a girl from Zimbabwe. In this book, Choo is drafted by the river god NyamiNyami to help him bring dragons back to life. Will Choo be able to overcome her fears and help restore dragons to their place of power? Or will the remaining forces of the hunters stop them before they even leave the continent?

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Restoring Dragons: Africa – Coloring Book

51Qzpaq-SpL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_   Now your child can color along as you (or they) read Restoring Dragons: Africa. Featuring art by Frances Bosch, this book allows your child to create while immersed in the stories they love.

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Conter Activity Book Cover   Our non-fiction activity book, The Dragon’s Guide to Plant Evolution, focuses on the plant-based science that helped birth the DRC. The activity book is scientifically accurate and is a great way to learn about plants while having fun with the engaging tasks throughout the book. You can learn more about that here.



The DRC also has a coordinating Fossil Kit that can be used for lesson plans and activities. That Kit is available here (TBA) through the Virginia Museum of Natural History.


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