The Dragon Research Collaborative, Inc. functions to bring diverse people together to answer the question “how did Carboniferous plant fossils influence dragon folklore around the world?”

Transdisciplinary research intentionally situates itself along the borders and in the gaps of the traditional disciplines; bringing in experts from outside academia is also integral. The beauty of the DRC is how all of these stakeholders work together to bring their own perspective to the table to address such an all encompassing question.

The DRC is transdisciplinary research at its best and most fun! Scientists work alongside folklorists. Historians chat with artists. Eventually, everyone knows at least a little something about what all the others are doing. Our projects are organic outgrowths of the original question and no path is too weird for us.

If this project, or any of its smaller parts, is interesting to you, please contact us. We really do mean everyone is welcome: businesses, artists, writers, scientists, teachers, musicians, festival performers, re-enactors, vendors, and more. The DRC is a team; come join the hoard!

One of our former students, Amanda Grady created the DragonBase website, which is a search engine connected to a large amount of Dragon data they researched and collected. You can play in the search engine here: