Museum Exhibit

The purpose of the Dragon Research Collaborative’s natural history-art crossover museum exhibit is to tie together the vastly different projects of the DRC researchers. Ever evolving, always transdisciplinary, the exhibit showcases finished and in-process projects featuring fossils, folklore, literature, ethnobotany, and many other disciplines. In this setting, visitors can see how the sciences and the humanities work together to answer the pivotal question that lies at the heart of the DRC:

How have Carboniferous fossil plants influenced dragon lore around the world?

Culture and science marry for an exciting experience for all ages in “On the Origins of Dragons.”

A revisioning of the museum exhibit, featuring many more artists and scholars, will be hosted by the Roanoke College Olin Hall Gallery in January 2020. Some of our newer partners include the Virginia based multimedia artists J. Leigh and Kyra Hinton.

You can see the DRC’s exhibit in action in our gallery and can contact us to see how your museum can host “On the Origins of Dragons.”