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Teaching is hard, especially when you’re teaching to people about a topic of little interest to them. But, what if you had a hook that excited them? That’s where dragons come in.

Dragons are inherently interesting. And the best part about dragons is that you can use them as a hook to teach any subject.

History? Use the story of Gilgamesh slaying the dragon Humbaba as an introduction to early civilization.

Sciences? The DRC’s research into plant biology and chemistry looks at how the idea of dragons could have formed through the chemistry of the Lepidodendron plant.

Math? Help kids count using pictures of dragons. Teach word problems using dragons as characters in examples.

Geography? Kids can test their knowledge by pinning famous dragons to their locations on a map. Older students can reflect on how the geography of the land affects the dragon’s appearance.

Literature? Have a student that doesn’t like to read? How about a book featuring dragons as an entry point?

No matter the subject matter, dragons are an excellent entry point.

One example of the dragon pedagogy is the DRC Activity Book which was developed with a two-fold purpose. The student authors were learning college-level content; creating the illustrations and the textual content for the book solidified their knowledge and deepened their understanding. As they sought ways to get the information across to another audience, they were required to engage with it repetitively, all the while building the skills necessary for creating a pedagogical tool. With the help of their mentors, the student authors developed a resource that brings plant biology content to many age groups in a way that is fun and interesting.