Current Students

Bentleigh Asboth’s eclectic interests include dragon literature, computer games, creative writing, and rats. She studies language and international relations.

IMG_0797.JPG   Andrew Cariens is a Creative Writing major at Roanoke College. He’s working with the DRC group to develop a Tabletop RPG game, with many adventures centered around dragons.

alexa.jpg Alexa Chapman is a double major in biology and philosophy. Alexa explored dragonfly mouthparts, ethnobotany of the dragontree, and liverworts from the Triassic. Currently, she is investigating how culture values fossils.

emma-clark.jpg    Emma Clark is a field hockey goalie and a biology major. Emma explores algae fossils from Carmel Church Quarry near Richmond VA. Her work is only tangential to this project, but her interests in Supergroup interactions is critical to thinking outside of the box!  

amanda-grady.jpg    Amanda Grady is a freshman at Roanoke College who studies Environmental Studies along with Biology and Chemistry. She is working to create a database of dragon descriptions from all over the world.

izzy.jpg Isabel Hildesheim is a biology major who has a strong interest in pollution, especially air pollution. Her work examines how moss can be used as a bioindicator for air pollution.

Evan Jamison is a computer science major from Roanoke, VA. He is working with Matthew Kelly to create a dragon inspired video game.

Matthew (Maui) Kelley    Matthew Kelley is a computer science major who is working with Evan Jamison to create a dragon inspired video game.

erin.jpg      Erin Langheim is a biology major with a strong love of dragons. Her interests include Viking culture and religion, dragons in literature, dragons in media, and the biological connections to animal evolution. Erin brings a zest that is critical to the group’s energy.

Byron.jpg Byron Minton is a biology major with an interest in paleobiology. Currently Byron is examining bird evolution.