Community Partners

Artiscience Library
Artiscience Library and Reading Room at Summerhall holds a 25,000+ volume collection, curated and overseen by Colin Sanderson. The library is devoted to historical and contemporary relations between the arts and sciences and is in Edinburgh, Scotland.


ASCUS Art and Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a community of scientists, artists, and others interested in the intersections between the arts and sciences and the trans-disciplinary projects they create. They are based in Edinburgh, Scotland



Boxley Materials Company, headquatered in Blue Ridge, VA, specializes in aggregate, asphalt, block, brick, and hardscapes, concrete, and paving.


Each piece of art done by The Color of Mud is handmade with great care to the tiniest of details. “I feel that art should have movement and personality. You look at a piece and have it speak to you.”~ J. Leigh


David Husser Art
This page is a gallery of my artistic endeavors, in whatever form they take.



Dragons of Wales is a book series created by artist, Andy Fraser, that situates Welsh dragons in their “natural habitat.”  Dragons of Wales may be found on Facebook  and on Twitter 


Meet the third addition to my double exposure series, “Creation of a Planet.” Most likely inspired by @sleepingatlast’s new song about the birth of a planet. (Because what of my work is not in some way inspired by one of his songs. 😂🙈) Go to his profile and have a listen! ➖➖ And also, Happy Monday!  One week until my husband’s (@skydevelopedgames) launch on @kickstarter, so we’re in crunch time preparation. And I also have some gif things brewing in the coming weeks that I’m absolutely crazy about. 🤫 ➖ What is your week looking like? ◽️ ◽️ ◽️ ◽️ ◽️ #courageouscreative #passioncolorjoy #inspiremyinstagram #abmlifeiscolorful #flashesofdelight #mybeautifulmess #calledtobecreative #doitfortheprocess #abeautifulmess #carveouttimeforart #creativityfound #fromwhereidrone #fromabove #dronegram #inspiredbynature #aerialphotography #artflowsessions #inkpainting #emergingartist #huffpostarts #dronelife #passionpassport #droneofficial #mytinyatlas #dailyoverview #airvuz #dronephotography #dronestagram #beachart #doubleexposure   Kyra Hinton Art

In early March 2018, I launched my first collection, filled to the brim with variety that all echoed the same heart. This thrilled me, and caused the whisper of hope in my head to grow louder:   I am an artist.
In every glance, every breath, intake and output — art.
   At National Museum of Scotland, we care for collections of national and international importance, preserving them, interpreting them and making them accessible to as many people as possible.


New Vision enriches the lives of people with visual impairments, and promotes independence and equality by facilitating opportunities for education and information access.


Roanoke College   Roanoke College  Fix. Change. Build. Discover. Create. The world is full of opportunities if you have the passion t make things happen. College isn’t just four more years of school; it sets you on the path for the life you want to lead. At Roanoke College we think the world needs people with passion. Join us, and we’ll help you find and live what you love.


header_logo.jpg    The Virginia Museum of Natural History has been imperative to the operation of the DRC. The VMNH has hosted the DRC’s Dragon Fest and has offered their time and resources to help the group develop and test their hypothesis. The VMNH aims to interpret Virginia’s natural heritage within a global context in ways that are relevant to all citizens of the Commonwealth.


   Virtual Curation Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University developed methodology for 3D digital data collection and virtual artifact curation that is applicable to a wide range of archaeological objects. By utilizing this ability to scan and produce 3D images of artifacts, the Virtual Curation Laboratory has created an extensive virtual catalog of American Indian and historic artifacts.


FB_IMG_1561660048240.jpg  Vikings of the Valley enjoy researching, learning, teaching and sharing their history, culture, and heritage. They provide lectures and educational programs on the Dark Ages of Northern Europe and the Age of Viking.


25289595_10155680420646130_826601573260587119_n   Located off Domenigoni Parkway by Diamond Valley Lake, Hemet, CA, Western Science Center is home to a fascinating array of archaeological artifacts and Pleistocene Ice Age fossils that were unearthed at Diamond Valley Lake


frontimagebig.jpg   Wilson Hughes Art Gallery   Sculptor John Wilson and abstract painter and fine art photographer Suzun Hughes have owned and operated WILSON HUGHES gallery – contemporary fine art & craft since 2008. Located in the historic downtown Roanoke ARTS District, the gallery features the artwork of Wilson and Hughes as well as periodic showings of other established National and International artists.